McFly Token Launch on Ethereum

Will start in April

Please visit for more details
Universa Takes to the Skies
Great news! We got a new member of Consortium! Universa is a new blockchain protocol and they will develop the core technology behind the Internet of Things for the mass urban flight systems management.
German 'flying taxi' firm Lilium takes $90 million from Tencent, others
Lillium is 2 years old, and yet has just closed 8-digit Round B, demonstrating the readiness of technologies, possible speed of prototyping, availability of investment capital.
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McFly token Asset ID on Waves
Token Launch
Announced at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017
A total of 1.8 Bln McFly Tokens on the Waves and Ethereum platforms. Only 3000 Bartini Flying Cars for the early adopters.
Blockchains are a new invention that allows meritorious participants in an open network to govern without a ruler and without money.
Naval Ravikant
1 minute of your flight shall cost
Private Jet
Uber Elevate
1 McFly
McFly token shall be listed in 2018
Bartini technology is designed so that one full lifecycle of one aerial vehicle shall correspond to approximately 700,000 McFly tokens, much like full lifecycle of a modern automobile approximates to 500,000 km of driving. Tokens therefore are used to measure the total life cycle of all components by expending tokens while the latter perform their respective functions.
— commits the Bartini tech team
McFly tokens in the $1.2 trillion industry
1 minute
100 km daily
1 year
Your 4-seater Bartini
(off-the-grid use, 3 years)
Transactions On The Blockchain
  • Client’s request (walletID1, geotag).
  • Data on the route and flight style, chosen by the customer.
  • Flying car assigned to Flight (walletID2).
  • Transaction: walletID1 (client) sends 35 McFly tokens to walletID2 (vehicle).
  • Data on technical lifetime expenditures.
  • Data on content, consumed by the client during the flight.
  • Transaction: wallet X wired 7 McFly tokens to wallet Z (content distributor).
  • Transaction: wallet R (vehicle lifetime) wired 60 McFly tokens to wallet K (flying vehicle factory and tech support).
  • Route data.
  • Data on technical lifetime distribution.
  • Energy use.
  • Transaction: walletID2 (vehicle) sends 20 McFly tokens to walletID3 (charging).
  • Transaction: wallet Y (vehicle operations) wired 10 McFly tokens to wallet P (parking).
$1.2tn market for urban flights on electrical VTOLs. Automated charging, maintenance and parking.

McFly token is flight itself. Flying cars fly on tokens, like ordinary cars burn gasoline.

Open algorithms calculate price of the flight, life cycle and service charges of the vehicle.

McFly token forms a new OSS/BSS (operation support and business support) systems. Consortium
Blockchain.Aero consortium is a business platform for all participants of the mass urban aviation market. Charging and service stations, technology platforms, assembly factories, content providers, interior designers, spare parts manufacturers and the flying car makers themselves.
Own 10+ vehicles and influence business agenda: participate in the Consortium's development Community
Holders of McFly tokens validate demand for flights and mass urban aviation networks. Interchange of tokens enhances the community by connecting with other blockchain enthusiasts (Ethereum, Waves, Litecoin, et al).
Take the lead and bring flights to your followers while we offer 1 min of flight to each of them
Token Program Details
Enjoy the ride — from when the first tokens will be used in experimental flights between scattered heliports to when they become the daily bread of your life.
Token Launch Phase 1 2 3 4
# of Bartini flying cars 3,000 10,000 30,000 7,000
% of the 2021 production 6% 20% 60% 14%
Tokens generated * 1,800m 6,000m 18,000m 4,200m
McFly Token rate 0.0002
to be
to be
to be

*During pre-launch McFly rate will start at 0.0001 ETH and a series of Bonuses will be available for early enthusiasts.

Another 47’000 Bartini Flying Cars shall be tokenized to match the output of the first year of mass production. Aerial vehicles from other manufacturers, further production years, as well as infrastructure capacities and functions shall also be tokenized on the platform for the benefit of the decentralized mass urban aviation market. is a platform for all projects in the industry, however grand or local.

Bartini total flight tokenization progress
Distribution of proceeds
Legal expences
Miscellaneous and unexpected
Scientific Research
GR for certification and regulation
PR + marketing
Software development
Blockchain + apps
Aircraft Development
and Manufacturing
Token distribution
Bilateral agreements,
large token holders
55% Crowd
Token program
Tokenization of
total flight of 47000
Bartini vehicles
Tokenization of
total flight for
3000 Bartini
Bartini total flight
1/3 First year of
Bartini's mass
1/3 Second year of
Bartini's mass
1/3 Third year of
Bartini's mass

Road Map
The core success metric of the consortium is amount of vehicles and their “flight-minutes” recorded on the blockchain.’s community and consortium has therefore identified the following goalposts.

3,000 of Bartini vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens

Aircraft manufacturers, infrastructure providers become members to the consortium

Cross-industrial workgroup for the business and technological requirements for the core blockchain established

First entrepreneurs in key cities in the development and deployment of the grid

First Flight

10,000 of Bartini vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens

Alpha version of the’s custom blockchain for the urban mass aviation

Application layer and APIs become available, first mobile apps are tested

2-seater Bartini and other vehicles become available for test flights, first real flight-blocks are recorded on the blockchain


30,000 of Bartini vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens

Key cities (markets and communities) are determined

Mass production manufacturing facility construction is started (to provide 50,000 Bartini vehicles throughout 2021-2022)

4-seater Bartini and other vehicles become available for test flights


7,000 of Bartini vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens

While Uber starts flights in Dallas, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, introduces flights in the first cities — its community members

Entire fleets are operated through blockchain

Mass urban traffic organizers are adopting the decentralized technologies of the consortium

Members of the Consortium
Flying cars manufacturer
Brings the vehicles to the service market — the passenger flight — which is 10 times larger than the vehicles market.
Flying cars manufacturer
Tokenizes its future flight, tests the software and hardware offered by other Consortium members.
Blockchain protocol
Develops the core technology behind the Internet of Things for the mass urban flight systems management.
Ultracapacitor Manufacturer
Supplies innovative energy storage and discharge for aerial vehicles and charging stations.
Tight Russian-speaking community of forward-thinking creative types
Pushes forward the flying cars in the urbanist thinking of future city landscapes, as well as provides the vision for integrating the required infrastructure to deliver the best use case for urban flights.
Digital currency and secure blockchain platform
Offers a secure storage for key infrastructure elements, enhancing the safety of the grid, and providing multiple payment options for McFly.
Pilot training simulators
Provides capability of training hundreds of thousands of pilots in various cities in the shortest time possible.
Drone employee
Autonomous intelligent robot agent
Procures smart contract technology for real-time trading of the aerial vehicles availability to perform passenger flight as a service.
Developer of interiors for serial aricraft
Provides top aviation-certified interior solutions for the new aircraft
  • Sergey Borisov
    Hero of the Russian Federation, test pilot, member of the Supervisory Board of Bartini.
  • Val Jerdes
    International lecturer, head of the Silicon Valley Insiders program, ex-Apple and Lockheed Martin Aerospace.
  • Torbjörn Ranta
    Investment banker turned investor and entrepreneur with engagements in private and publicly listed projects and Board directorships.
  • Ilya Khanykov
    Financial sector executive turned high-tech entrepreneur with experience in internet, agtech, biotech and aviation.
  • Kimitoshi Era
    Entrepreneur, president of Star Flight Japan Inc., engaged in development of engineering software and aero-modelling.
  • Dr. Ananyev Sergey
    Leading Researcher, hydrogen energy and plasma
    National Research Center "Kurchatov".
  • Toomas Allmere
    Multifaceted finance executive with more than 25 years of experience across a diverse set of industries. Adept at ICO (ITL) and blockchain technology. expert.
Core Members
  • Alexey Maltsev
    Pilot, captain of aircraft on long-haul routes.
  • Vladimir Salatov
    Test pilot and engineer with over a decade's worth experience in developing experimental jets.
  • Nikolay Fonurin
    Aeronautics engineer overseeing on-ground and in-flight tests of experimental aircraft.
  • Mikhail Sorokin
    Lead Engineer, Electricity Circuits (exp: in-flight program design for powersystems, aircraft ground tests).
  • Kirill Elagin
    Digital Marketing and analytics.
  • Andrey Manolov
    3d visualizations, head of Riftman.
  • Valeri Lavrischev
    Software Engineer (exp: developed flight control systems and training software).
  • Stan Polozov
    Emercoin co-founder, Blockchain implementation specialist.
  • Oleg Tsyganov
    Microsoft business development executive turned IT entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor for startups.
  • Artyom Zhivilov
    Lead Engineer, Software Product Management (exp: tests and development of engines, shells, training software).
  • Ivan Kosov
    Ideologist, PR, communications, video production.
  • Vladimir Sysoev
    Head of Aerodynamics, Calculations & Data (exp: in-flight tests and aircraft shell materials analysis).
  • Stanislav Lobanov
    Engineer (exp: ground tests, engines).
  • Nik Bezhko
    CreativeRussia founder, community building, creative direction, web-design and development.
  • Igor Ovsyannikov
    Lead Engineer, Engines (exp: in-flight and ground engines development and tests).
  • Sergey Kirichkov
    Certification Program Mgr (exp: certification ground and inflight tests).
  • Dmitry Onyschuk
    Engineer (exp: ground tests, engines).
  • Artem Kharchenko
    IT entrepreneur, information security expert.
  • Andrey Murygin
    Lead Engineer, Engines (exp: in-flight and ground engines development and tests).
  • Olga Bolkunova
    Community Evangelist in China, CEO at China Insiders.
  • Pierre Marc Emile Louis Roger Bogaerts
    Entrepreneur, Canary Islands Spain.
  • Hiroshi Homma
    Automotive Parts and Equipment Export marketing director.
  • Kaoru Inoue
    Senior software development engineer for CAD software, development engineer for web-applications (server and customer).
  • Katarin Homma
    Technical & Marketing IT advisor, CAD software customer support engineer, co-founder of of Star Flight Japan Inc.